So you’ve decided it’s time to build a custom home with a beautiful view — are you concerned about what 斜坡上的建筑物 对你的后院意味着什么?

Designing a sloping backyard certainly presents its own challenges, including: 

  • 斜坡上很难行走
  • 斜坡上的景观美化很难维护 
  • If done incorrectly, you run the risk of soil erosion and water drainage problems 

然而, a sloping backyard also presents a unique opportunity to show off that beautiful view you’ve been hoping for, and create a unique sense of movement and variation in your landscape. 



1. 确定土壤的表面质地

The first thing we recommend when considering what to do with a sloping backyard is to determine the surface texture of the soil you’re working with. 事实上,这是一件值得考虑的事情 斜坡上的建筑物 at all, as it will directly impact your foundation and your landscaping capabilities. 

The surface texture of the soil refers to the amount of clay, sand, and silt present in your soil. To get an idea of the surface texture, simply rub the soil between your hands and note what you feel. 

柔滑的粘土结构 – This type of soil is difficult to work with from a foundational and landscaping perspective. It’s characterized by feeling soft and sticky when wet, but very hard when dry. 

Floury-feeling – This soil feels like exactly what its name implies — floury. It is ideal for landscaping and gardening, and is very easy to excavate.

粗糙和坚韧不拔的 – Although this kind of soil is easy to excavate, it also poses an increased risk of soil erosion. 粗糙和坚韧不拔的 soil often needs moisture improvement before it can be used for gardening or landscaping.


2. 建立一个甲板

Coming back to that beautiful view we’ve been talking about, incorporating a deck into your home design creates the perfect opportunity to entertain and show it off, 或者把你的园艺和园林景观展示出来. Depending on the angle of the slope and the overall design of the house, 你甚至可以制作一个多级桥牌, 或者在下面创建一个存储空间. 


3. 尝试分层的景观美化

创建层级不仅有助于管理侵蚀, it provides a unique opportunity to add variety and cohesion to your backyard, 这取决于你如何选择展示不同的植物. 另一个好处? 这些层可以由许多不同的材料制成, 包括木, 铺路石, 砖, 和混凝土, providing you more variety when it comes to choosing the look and feel of your backyard.

Depending on the slope of your yard and the height of your tiers, you may need to install railing for safety if you choose this route — betway体育官网注册的团队 at Westlake Development always ad在这里s to correct building codes.


4. 创建一个弯曲的路径或楼梯

Adding a path or staircase to your backyard helps with multiple things, including:

  • 吸引视线穿过院子 
  • 这样在院子里走动就容易多了
  • 提供安全使用院子的方式


5. 考虑景观瀑布

这是一项更大的事业, but also the perfect opportunity to showcase a beautiful water feature in your backyard, 利用斜坡的优势. Not only do waterfalls add value to your home and provide great entertainment for 家庭 and friends, they also benefit your local ecosystem and create a relaxing, 舒缓的环境.


6. Use the slope to your advantage when building vegetable beds

Planting a garden on a slope can be challenging with soil erosion remaining a large concern. 然而, one great option is creating raised vegetable beds that 匹配的斜率 后院的. 这不仅会让打理花园变得更容易, but it will also allow you to use the slope to your advantage — the deeper area of the bed can be used for root vegetables, 而较浅的区域可以容纳草药.


7. 在斜坡底部创建一个目的地

帮助画的朋友, 家庭, visitors through your backyard and showcase the landscape by creating a fun destination at the bottom of the slope. 这可能是个火坑, 一个露台, a flat seating area to take in a view or a deck perfect for BBQs…the sky’s the limit.


8. Choose low maintenance plants and be strategic about rock placement

Plants are a great way to transform a backyard and keep soil from sliding down a slope. When choosing plants for your sloping backyard, you’ll want to consider a few things: 

  • 你用的那种土壤
  • 它们有多容易到达
  • 照顾他们有多容易 

俄勒冈州的植物和灌木, 野玫瑰, 白浆果, 海喷雾和红花醋栗都是 推荐选择. Ground cover plants are also a great and easy to maintain option. Silverweed, Kinnikinnick, and Coastal Strawberry are some native options to look into. 

Adding rocks of varying shapes and sizes to your garden helps create a more stable area for plants to grow, 而且看起来也很棒.


9. 用挡土墙创造平坦的空间

One challenge presented by sloping backyards is creating functional areas despite the slope’s angle. Carving out part of the slope and adding a retaining wall to hold back the soil will allow you to create a flat area in your backyard. These can create planting areas, seating areas, or recreational areas for the 家庭.


10. 让玩家能够轻松访问所有关卡

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in your backyard and use it for entertaining or gardening, we recommend being conscious of the type of access you have to all levels of your backyard. 例如, you wouldn’t want to build vegetable beds or plant roses without an easy path to get t在这里 and care for those things, 正确的? 无论是穿过一条蜿蜒的小径, 一个楼梯, 或水平层, we’ll ensure you have a way to get everyw在这里 you need to be in your backyard.



Building a home on a slope can be challenging and stressful — but when you 选择正确的 定制房屋建筑商,它不需要. 

在西湖发展集团, we’ve been building custom homes in the Portland metro area for more than 30 years, 并不仅为创造漂亮的设计而自豪, 但在提供陡坡施工和 地震防备 专业知识.

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